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DBS Ask Consumers to Rethink the Fashion Industry in the 'Trash Princess'

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

A true story inspired by REMAKEHUB, which is a young social enterprise aims to clean up waste on the planet by creative design and innovative technology.

DBS, one of the world's most valuable banks, recently released the 'Trash Princess' inniative that confronts viewers with startling information about the fashion industry including the fact that it's the second-largest polluter in the world -- only second to the oil industry.

It takes place at a runway show were a group of guests discuss the environmental consequences brought forth by fast fashion. The Trash Princess film progresses to showcase a workshop of one of the characters who upcycles post-consumer products to create new garments. For example, there are shorts made from recycled water bottles, a shirt made from used coffee grounds, and a recycled pillow.

As part of its effort to create a sustainable world, DBS launched four sustainability interest groups and also hosts clothing swaps for employees -- so far collecting more than 200kg of donated items.

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