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An inspirational story share at Fashion Summit HK 2019

International Conference on Achieving Sustainable Fashion in Asia ︳5 - 6 SEP 2019 ︳

How to save our planet, and remake a future which both human and nature can thrive?

After two days of lively and stimulating exchanges on sustainable fashion, Fashion Summit (HK) 2019 finally came to a successful close. The highly anticipated signing ceremony of the UNFCCC Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action took place at noon today. In the afternoon, the Summit was wrapped up by the special session "Small Steps, Big Impact, Act Together!" where new and exciting voices from the fashion industry such as emerging sustainable designers, retailer with a sustainable vision, fashion clinic, fashion rental service as well as youth from WWF-Hong Kong, presented their successful sustainable stories, products and ideas to the audience. By ending Fashion Summit (HK) 2019 with "Small Steps, Big Impact, Act Together!", this is our call to action to invite you all to join us on this sustainable journey. Heartfelt thanks for your support and participation this year. See you again in 2020!

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